Natural Products for Your Natural Skin

I created my soap company while creating my baby, she was the whole reason I started making soap. My products reflect my love for natural products, uplifting scents, quality ingredients and my passion for  being creative and experimenting with new ingredients, scents and colours. ​
My company name is connected to my pagan upbringing. Where I learned the benefits of gardening, herbalism, aromatherapy and respecting the natural world around us. Druids encompass all of these things including the recognition of the divinity of nature.  Being raised  Pagan, I am  deeply aware of the natural world and see the power in the ongoing cycle of life and death. 

My Company core Values/Principles are based on these concepts .The Core Principles of Dirty Druid Soap Company:

1. Use  eco-friendly practices to provide our customers with natural, high quality and ethical products , package that minimizes harm to the natural environment. 

2.  Provide Products derived from the earth for our customers to help them become re-enchanted, restored and reconnected with their skin, bodies and the earth. ​

3.To Create community, tolerance, diversity, altruism, sustainability and co-existence with the natural world free of animal testing elements.

4. To build lasting relationships with my customers, as well as our local community, by crafting  and providing a superior product and providing outstanding customer service. 

5.  Craft everything by hand with the best natural ingredients to keep harsh chemicals, irritants and ingredients you can't pronounce away from my family and yours.​-Quinn​​